Home Security Systems –what are your options?

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Owning a home or a business can be worrisome sometimes, especially when thinking about having to secure your assets away from theft.

The Crime Index for Wollongong currently sits at 52.48, when compared to the sleepy town of Berry only 40 minutes away which sits at 20, you can see the crime rate for the Wollongong area is significantly higher. This is a good indication that having security measures in place is not only smart, but also cost-effective in the long run with the likelihood of theft being relatively higher, preventing that from ever occurring. (See our other blog titled “Home Security- The Silent Watcher” to see how a customer had his entire CCTV Surveillance system paid off in one encounter.)

When thinking about having some security systems installed at your house or place of business, you might be overwhelmed at the options out there. You could be looking at CCTV cameras, Alarms, Sensors, with all of these having the capability of being either monitored by our Controlroom in Unanderra which is manned 24/7, or by your own hand-held device. By installing a security system at home or a security system for business, you are putting the power back in your own hands and ensuring the protection of your assets. 

CCTV Cameras are a popular and very effective measure to have, with the ability to view these cameras through the ease of your own phone, tablet, or handheld device, this means anyone can access and use it within your household. 

With modern day technology, all these systems are now able to be either hardwired or accessible via Wi-Fi. The perks of a hardwired system are obviously the consistency in connection whereas Wi-Fi options do provide many perks, the main shortfall being that it could have trouble with the connection. 

The main question when having all these options swirling in your head should be what is it that you’re trying to protect? Do you want to keep intruders out of your place of business, or do you want to be notified through your phone when your sensor activated security camera turns on? These are all things to discuss with one of our technicians, as they’ll provide the right solution to you after a short consultation and a free-of-charge quote. 

WCG Security also install a range of access control options which are proving to become a common way of access into apartment buildings. These systems are integrable with our alarm and CCTV systems as well with user-friendly software that can be used by anyone. 

you are still feeling unsure of what might be the option for yourself, get in touch with our friendly team and we can help!