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WCG Security installed CCTV at my house and it’s already paid itself off!

Everyone loves a good news story and this one does not fall short.

From the customer:

I received a call from my sister who was unable to open the door of her car which had been parked on the street outside my home for the previous 2 days. With clear evidence of damage, my first thought was somebody has crashed into her car. After contacting my neighbours with no luck, I turned to my CCTV cameras I had installed a few months prior, this is where my luck began to change.

With the neighbours offering no help, it was interesting to find after reviewing the footage, the damage was caused by the neighbours father. Whilst nobody was home, he stopped by and then left after a short time. The footage clearly shows him reversing out of the driveway into my sister’s car, causing severe damage to the tune of $5000. He stopped briefly, assessed the damage, and decided to leave the scene, with it, leaving my sister heavily out-of-pocket and with a damaged vehicle. Now this is where the story would have ended if my house wasn’t fitted with the security cameras that recorded the whole thing.

The crux of the story is that my home security system paid itself off over 3 times now with this single interaction. On top of the costs, it has also provided a level of closure in knowing what happened whilst bringing criminal prosecutions to the driver for his hit-and-run.

There is a large and growing number of reasons why you should consider having some alarm or camera systems installed for your house, and this is just one of them. Learn more about our CCTV Services or contact us today to secure your home!