Vaccination & COVID Safety

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how critical good security controls are.

At WCG Security, we aim to secure the confidence of our clients when it comes to all facets of their security needs. 

With the largest supply of security guards in the Illawarra, WCG aims to promote an unrivalled security offering that values safety.

We take the health and safety of its clients, employees and the general public very seriously. 

As of December 2021, 100% of our guards are double-dose vaccinated, with many receiving their third booster vaccine.

Furthermore, as a leader in the provision of integrated security services, WCG Security deals with various clients from a range of different industries. 

WCG has the expertise and experience to develop a COVID-19 safety plan for each sector and client to mitigate health risks to all stakeholders. 

By leveraging our extensive experience in the healthcare sector, we have seamlessly integrated COVID-19 safety measures through COVIDSafe technology.

This has meant WCG security can comply with rapidly changing Public Health Orders while protecting the health of clients’ staff, workers, customers and visitors. 

With rising risks of rogue covid-carriers resisting current Public Health Orders, our personnel are well equipped to secure our client sites against such contagiously disruptive incidents. 

This allows our clients to avoid the consequences of casual covid contacts at their sites and shield them from the lens of media sensationalisation, ensuring that they avoid the risk of lower customer numbers deterred by potential covid contraction.For a comprehensive insight into what WCG Security can do to meet your business’s COVID-19 requirements – reach out to us here.