Stay secured on stormy nights, a burglar’s delight!

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Beware, if you’re sleeping comfortably to the wind and rain on a stormy night, chances are you’re not really thinking about being robbed. However, the chances for being broken into on a night like this is much higher, and this has been evident throughout the Wollongong area and we have especially seen a rise in break ins in the Northern Suburbs of Wollongong. Burglars are opportunistic, so on windy and stormy nights they use the cover of loud noises to enter people’s premises.

According to a study by Co-Op Insurance, thieves are opportunists wandering the streets who would avoid difficult break-ins that were likely to attract attention. The most effective deterrents for theft and home robberies were CCTV cameras installed. Of the 2000 people surveyed regarding their home security, 1/3 took absolutely no measures to protect their property and assets.

Not only is this just bad practice, but forgetting to lock your premises can be a factor which will void your cover on things such as home break ins. When considering all of this, mitigating break-ins can be quite simple. As mentioned above, Burglars will break-in when its easy, so having some discouraging factors implemented such as CCTV cameras installed, Alarms systems allowing for home surveillance can put the control of your safety and assets back into your hands.

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