Security for your Business in 2022 – What you need to know

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When you are thinking about securing the assets of your business, it’s vital to ensure you’re dealing with the best security camera systems and installers.

WCG Security are tried and tested as the premier supplier of security systems within the Illawarra and have a continual focus on servicing local businesses and industries. WCG Security services all businesses alike, from local cafes to big scale factories amongst the industrial estates of Wollongong, demonstrating our years of experience in dealing with all jobs ranging from big to small and everything in between.

Some businesses will approach a security company like ours to set up some preventative measures within that business as a deterrent from thieves and vandals. On the other hand, we also deal with many businesses that will call us after the fact, when their shopfront or construction site was broken into and their property, money, tools and/or machinery stolen. The best part about installing a security system for your business is it will always pay itself off in the long run. We had one client who came to us after having their retail outlet robbed of the till, sunglasses, and a large sum of clothing.

Nobody wants to be left out of pocket, and security systems within your business are an amazing avenue to pursue for reasons other than just security. Security cameras in a commercial setting are also a fantastic way to ensure the safety of your workers 100% of the time, with everything being documented. This is also a surefire tactic for keeping your employees honest, with the potential of the boss watching at any point. But for most, Security and Alarm systems are installed for the sake of security and ensuring the protection of your property from theft.

Security in the business setting can provide a plethora of options to consider and brands, but at WCG Security we will tailor each job to fit each client’s individual needs, ensuring your satisfaction all the time. WCG Security have been installing security and alarm systems in businesses for several years, with a team of experienced technicians, with a range of leading security brands such as Bosch Security, Hikvision Australia, Samsung, Dahua security cameras and much more, ensuring the best fit for your businesses needs is our number one goal. Most of the clients we deal with will request a complete security system installation, which includes, CCTV cameras, Security Alarms, and sensors with the extra option of 24/7 monitoring from our control room in Unanderra, which is monitored non-stop, meaning very rapid response times in the case of an emergency.

WCG Security is a complete security company, providing the response team in these emergencies as well from one of our numerous patrol cars that are throughout the Illawarra at any point in time. Security patrols are another service offered to local businesses in the Illawarra region, allowing scheduled patrols to occur is a great deterrent for any opportunistic person looking to steal or cause damage to your business. Every one of our patrol cars are equipped with dash cams which ensures that extra layer of protection and monitoring for any potential incidents.

Outside of what you think standard security services are, we also offer a range of services that are attractive to larger enterprises such as Let in & Let Out, Lock ups as well as static guards. Most of the work done by WCG Securities guards is in this line of work, where we service large enterprises such as Ramsay Health which includes Wollongong Private Hospital, Figtree Private Hospital and Lawrence Hargrave Dr Hospital who require continual security guards to ensure the safety of all staff and patients and we service certain aspects of these. We also work alongside large developments companies such as Frasers Development or Fulton Hogan who have just complete the Albion Park Bypass. We service government bodies as well such the SES and we service terminals within Port Authority at both Port Botany and Port Kembla.

WCG Security’s services are wide and varying within the security sector, so look no further when considering a security system supplier in the Illawarra. We will walk you through the entire process of quote to installation, ensuring every client has every individual need met and exceeded that is our guarantee. Reach out to us today to find out more about security options for your business.