Best Professional Alarm Monitoring in 2022

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Back to base alarm monitoring is becoming increasingly popular in 2022 with both businesses and residents alike. Many owners are finding the benefit far outweighs the cost when having your security systems monitored by our 24/7 Security Response Team in our controlroom in Unanderra.

There are far more use cases for alarm monitoring than the everyday person would think of and at WCG Security we offer a full range of activation alarms for all types of businesses and private residents. This also means that no two systems will be the same, ensuring a tailor made fit to your business or residence when undertaking work with WCG Security. Statistics are showing a growing trend in people wanting security systems with the question of “Would you install a home security system to reduce your insurance premium” demonstrates a clear sentiment towards paying for upfront costs such as an installation to lay the paving for better insurance premiums in the future and ease of mind when security of your assets is an issue.

Alarm Monitoring

This covers a range of different types of alarms that are available for business and residents.

A range of activations could be:

  • Break & Enter
  • Late to Close (retail)
  • Hold up & Duress
  • Mains Fail
  • After Hours Entry
  • Low Battery
  • Machine Faults
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Medical Alarms – Cool room activation / fridge door alarms
  • System Faults-+6.
  • User Identification
  • Sensors

According to Budget Direct – “Australians seem quite open to the idea of having a security system installed to save on their insurance premiums. Participants aged between 25 and 44 were highly in favour, with over 80% opting to increase their security in exchange for cheaper premiums. On the other hand, less than 64% of Australians aged over 65 would add security systems to their property for insurance purposes.”

Again, this highlights the benefits of having security systems within your premises as it adds value in every aspect, from deterring thieves, to reducing insurance premiums, to having documented data for all activations and having a trained team of professionals overseeing this 24/7 drives home the benefits of having your assets taken care of by WCG Security.

“A report from the Australian Institute of Criminology[3] suggested that crime rates decreased due to the increase in home security systems. Not only will they help collect evidence if a crime does occur, but they’ll also often scare potential criminals away from your property.”

Some things to consider for back to base monitoring of your business or assets:

  • Do you want remote access to your security systems?
  • Do you require the monitoring of opening and closing times at your business?
  • Do you require wireless or hardwired monitoring of your security system?
  • Do you require a combination of alarm monitoring systems?
  • Do you have NBN?
  • Back to base monitoring vs self-monitoring.

Back to base monitoring vs a Self-monitoring Alarm System

Individual cases will likely determine for yourself what is the better option for your home or business. However, in saying that, there are not many examples where back to base monitoring isn’t the best option and far surpasses self-monitoring systems in the processes that follow an activation.

24/7/365 Coverage

The biggest and most obvious advantage to having alarm monitoring by professionals is having a dedicated group of responders ready to always respond to any alerts, unlike a home monitored system which relies on good internet, your phone working properly and the owner monitoring it.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind in this modern day is hard to come by, so why not allocate that stress to a team of individuals trained to respond to these types of situations. In an event of an actual emergency, it is comforting to know that WCG Security has your back. In the situation of a home intruder our responding team can send a patrol officer and the relevant authorities whilst staying on the phone with you offering advice.

Professional Installation

Having a security alarm system installed professionally and correctly can add to that peace of mind, but also it negates many issues further down the track such as maintenance, service, and usability. Our trained technicians have an eye for installation, ensuring all sensors, alarms and cameras are placed in areas with the best vantage points. Moreso, WCG Security ensures that if any faults do become prevalent, we are made aware of them via the faults alarm on our monitoring system.

Professional Support, 24/7

For most people, the technical side of home security systems can be too overwhelming and with a self-monitored system you are to a degree on your own. That’s why having your security monitored by the best alarm monitoring team of professionals in Wollongong is the right choice. You can contact someone from our controlroom 24/7, 365 days a year now that’s service!

Reduced Home Insurance Premiums

In the eyes of insurance agencies, having extra layers of security is a good move in the direction of reducing your insurance costs. The reason is that insurance companies consider your assets to be less of a risk, which is true considering the break and enter statistics for homes with systems vs those without. Having a system alone has a large impact on discouraging home intruders and thieves from stealing your assets. You could save up to 20% on your insurance premiums.

Benefits for Business Owners

Having a back to base monitoring system for your business is an obvious solution to many issues employers face with their employees. For a business, having a professional team of security personnel monitoring their assets is important, but also having the ability to monitor the movements of your employees, guarantee the security of important assets with activation codes and unique identifying codes for employees will ensure transparency across the business. A big perk we see for many large companies, especially in heavy industry is the evidence for litigation in the circumstance of compensation claims, theft or any other number of circumstances that could result in your business needing the evidence that a security system installed and monitored by WCG will provide. 

Case study – Wollongong Alarm Response results in arrest

Alarm Monitoring – Explained

  1. Alarm is activated
  2. The back to base alarm monitoring service receives the Alarm event or signal and notifies the Security Response Team
  3. Security Response Team action the alarm or signal and may have instructions to view live video from your onsite CCTV systems and identify and verify any security breaches
  4. Alarm monitoring personnel respond immediately with the authorities or as per your instructions