Using the latest technology

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At WCG Security, we are committed to providing our clients with quality integrated security solutions.

WCG has developed robust work systems and processes to ensure outstanding performance and ongoing investment in the latest technology.

Staying at the top of the industry means keeping up with the ever-evolving world of security technology and implementing it so that our clients can be confident knowing WCG’s commitment to security.

We utilise a range of technologies and tailor them to create the optimum solutions, allowing our clients to excel and flourish in their core business. At the same time, we focus on delivering high-quality security.

At the forefront of this commitment to the best technology is Securecy app.

In essence, Securecy acts as our command centre, providing access to the tools, resources, and advisors we need for building and maintaining security compliance at client sites.

With the use of advisors through the software, the Securecy platform uses industry-leading best practices to generate information on security policies and creates respective implementation tasks on the go.

Using Securecy, WCG can integrate Cloud-based operating systems, automatic reporting, and photo archives to maintain high-level day-to-day operations – all while continually adapting overarching policies to react to the changing variety of threats faced today.

We leverage Securecy to meet regulatory requirements, customer standards, and industry expectations.

While we equip ourselves to the highest degree, it is also essential we ensure smooth project management. To ensure all aspects of security services operate smoothly, WCG Security utilises simPRO – a project management software specifically tailored for businesses that offer the vast number of services as we do. Being at the crossroads of cloud-based technology and the art of modern project management techniques, simPRO enables us to continue to provide the quality assurance we pride ourselves on.

Being the largest provider of security guards in the Illawarra area and catering for needs such as 24/7 Alarm Monitoring and Patrol Services, WCG Security leverages this powerful job management software to allow us to be at the forefront of our sector.

Behind the scenes, our technicians can track the quality our clients often see in our services. This is by virtue of the simPro platform, which allows WCG to organise security services that satisfy client needs.

At WCG Security we focus on high capability, efficiency, and maximum protection. These are achieved by being in tune with the constantly evolving world of technology in the security industry. Hardware, software, training and skill management improve our technological capabilities.

High capability is achieved by highly reliable, efficient, and quality equipment; we constantly update our systems to the newest iterations of advanced technology.

The highest quality CCTV systems, impenetrable 24/7 alarm systems, and integrated access-control systems mean we can apply future technologies to mitigate today’s threats.

High efficiency means we can streamline all the different trenches of security enforcement to thwart any threats to personnel and property. 

This allows us to achieve the coveted industry-leading 15-minutes-to-arrests of perpetrators day in, day out. 

The relationship between our guards and the police force is streamlined in the response and post-response phase of the investigation.

Technology has been instrumental in the post-response investigation and the recovery of stolen items. Mobile apps have allowed us to communicate location data to law enforcement. Facial recognition has also assisted relevant stakeholders in identifying and tracking criminals.

This means our protection systems allow us to take pre-emptive action in preventing future incidents. 

By constantly investing in the latest technologies, WCG will continue to grow as the industry leader in the Illawarra area.

If your company is looking for expert-level security advice or security services, get in touch, and we will discuss how we can assist you.