Local Monitoring

WCG Security strongly recommends back-to-base monitoring to an alarm Monitoring Centre/Control Room for absolute peace of mind regarding your business and assets. 

Not only do we monitor your building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we can dispatch emergency services for events such as hold ups, duress, medical assistance, fire alarms and smoke detector set-offs. We also monitor fridge & freezer temperature alarms & other machine equipment fault alarm types, providing the versatility our clients often need to ensure their interests are looked after, no matter their specific industry.

We can monitor any detection device that is connected to your alarm systems. We also monitor your alarm systems for several signals that notify our Control Room of how your system is performing, ensuring that you are protected all day, every day.ƒback t

State-of-the-art Control Room

Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our Control Room means an operator will be there to answer your call whether you have an emergency or just a question. Our Control Room operators understand that efficiency is imperative; maintaining well established systems and processes as well as utilising state of the art technology is therefore at the core of how we operate. 

Messaging Services

We also offer a messaging service to clients’ mobile phones, allowing opens and closes to be sent to keep you updated on when your premises are being armed and disarmed by your employees. This sort of sophisticated monitoring system gives our clients peace of mind and the ability to have the confidence they need about their business.

Proud Leaders

We have an impeccable track record as leaders in this space in the Wollongong and greater Illawarra region, having completed over 2,000 mandates to date.

Reporting and Transparency

WCG Security offers its clients monthly reports on the activity that occurs in relation to an alarm system. Clients are then able to monitor employees, activations, late to closes/opens and other key metrics that are critical to their business and its safety.