Let in & Let out

It is impossible to always be on your premises or assets. 

Whether you are a business owner, premise manager for a private or government organisation, a park ranger, school Principal or otherwise, no manager / owner can look after their buildings and assets at all times. 

However, business, operations and life itself dictate that you need to be able to allow others onto your premises, from all types of subcontractors and workers to partners and more. 

WCG Security is a trusted provider of Let-in and Let-out services for owners and other types of site managers in the greater Illawarra and Wollongong areas. We are proud to give our clients peace of mind that their properties and assets are in the best hands while they get on with other priorities – or life itself!

We work with clients in the private and commercial sectors, the public sector (councils and state authorities, schools) and beyond to let others into and out of their properties safely outside of working hours, be they weekdays, public holidays, or weekends

We are proud to service banks, retail and commercial properties, residential buildings, car parks, schools, and many other entity types. 

When you need the peace of mind that talented staff, diligence, and an impeccable track record bring, WCG Security is the company of choice for all Let-in and Let-out needs.