Crowd Control

WCG Security has significant experience as a reliable provider of crowd control security services in the Illawarra region and its surrounding areas.

Managing crowds of any significant size involves significant risk. Mitigating these risks is crucial in effective crowd control, and with the preparation and training our staff receive, we are experts at ensuring all events run smoothly and seamlessly through effective crowd control and management techniques. 

Our team has extensive experience in crowd control security, particularly through the management of crowds at sporting events and venues. As with all our other security services, staff working on crowd control mandates are highly skilled and chosen through rigorous screening procedures, having received best-in-class training to equip them with the skills needed to manage and control crowds at small or large events.

Our experience and expertise in crowd control security includes:

  • Controlling entry and exit from venues
  • Monitoring crowd behaviour and adherence to event rules
  • Dealing with challenging crowd members or incidents that require attention
  • First response first aid or critical care
  • Coordinating emergency procedures
  • Coordination of crowd control equipment such as control barriers, ropes, barricades, retractable barricades, fences, posts, and others.