Corporate & Retail Security

WCG Security has a proven track record of providing reliable, high-quality service to a range of commercial and government clients. Our clients in this space include a diverse range of organisations spanning shopping centres, large retail precincts, major supermarkets and town centres, large government sites and public and private hospitals. 

Our personnel are trained and experienced in the provision of security in these scaled environments, being able to meet all requirements to provide our clients with the satisfaction of knowing that their critical assets are being ably protected.

WCG Security’s capability and experience includes the following:

  • Sporting and special event security
  • Shopping centre security
  • Industrial and construction security (at large scale)
  • High rise complexes
  • Retail security (individual premises and precincts) including large standalone retailers such Woolworths and Coles
  • Public precincts including recreational areas and municipalities
  • Corporate events
  • Hospitals (we count Ramsay Health’s private hospitals among our esteemed clients)
  • Government clients including large sites and precincts.