Cash-in-transit - Wollongong

WCG Security’s cash-in-transit solution ensures the safe transit of your valuables. We provide customers peace of mind that the service is carried out by professionals who are trusted and have a proven track record in demonstrated safety, security, and awareness. We can provide cash collection and banking services for your business that will give you and your staff piece of mind. Banking can be very stressful for an employee or business owner.

We provide covert (plain clothed) trained personnel to collect and deposit your banking. Whether it is your daily banking, inventory safeguarding or cash collection from multiple locations, we can tailor a cost-effective escort service that suites every requirement.

WCG Security have provided safeguarding services for schools, jewellers and many large corporations and even individuals who needed to ensure the safety of travel for their valuable items from point to point. This means that we can take care of all your cash-in-transit requirements. You never have to put your staff at risk again. Who knows, we may even save you on insurance costs by providing this service. Are your employees covered when carrying cash? Are they trained to carry cash?

Our personnel are trained to deal with hold up / hostile situations and are fully trained. Our vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art tracking devices which are fully monitored back to base for the rapid responses required to deal with crime. 

The consequences of a robbery can be profound, with issues such as personal trauma, business liability and financial loss, all having the potential to ruin lives and businesses. Equally, with fewer banks and longer bank queues, the cost of your current banking practices can be exorbitant when staff time, cash in transit insurance and opportunity costs are considered.

All money is fully insured!

Same Day Return:

This service is provided on weekdays (M – F). The banking satchel is picked up and delivered to the nominated bank. The guard waits for teller verification and returns satchel and its contents on the same day.

Next Pick-Up Return:

This service can be provided seven days a week, because the satchel is returned at the next pick-up after lodgement at the bank. We provide secure storage for satchels picked up out of banking hours.

Express Business Deposit Satchel (EBDS):

This service is also provided seven days a week. We collect the tamper proof EBDS [supplied by the bank] and deposit it in the bank’s express banking facility. We provide secure storage for satchels picked up out of banking hours.

Express Delivery Satchel with Coin Return:

This service is a same day return service used to supplement regular EBDS services, when a coin order is required. It can be on a regular or ad-hoc basis and may require pre-ordering of coin from the bank. We usually need 24 hours’ notice of ad-hoc services.