Alarm Responses

Where necessary, we notify the police, fire or ambulance based on the circumstances of an incident.

In the event of a false alarm activation, we contact y/our Control Room to provide an explanation for the activation and to reset the alarm. Your premises will remain under the constant supervision of our guards until it is secured, and the alarm is reset.

WCG Security’s alarm response services are a cut above, with trained and experienced guards working around the clock to help ensure the safety of our customers’ assets. We offer around the clock alarm response with uniformed guards and marked patrol vehicles.

Situated at the heart of the Illawarra/Wollongong region, our Control Room team works to ensure that in the event of any alarm activation, our patrol crew follow the action plan requested by our clients or their key holder(s).

In the event of an incident, our Control Room contacts the key holder/s immediately, informing them of activation and providing optionality as to response. Key holder(s) have the option of requesting a patrolman/guard to attend the site or (for whatever reason) to avoid doing so. Where a site visit request is made, our personnel are on site within 30 minutes (Australian industry standard) to assess the situation.

WCG Security boasts a fully equipped and technologically state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles covering the entire Illawarra region, resulting in quicker response times. This means less property damage or theft where an incident does take place.

Where keys and codes are provided to us, we carry out internal checks and reset alarm systems for our clients.