A Step Ahead - Cloud Based Operations

WCG Security employs the Securecy application, a comprehensive mobile and cloud-based system that streamlines administration, rostering, reporting, compliance, payroll, document management, timesheets, training, and human resources. This tool facilitates the tracking and management of all projects in real-time through an operational dashboard. Clients can log in anytime to monitor work progress, access reports, and communicate. Securecy enables customisation for each site or project, offering features like QR codes for proof of patrols, geostamped images for condition reports, and sector-based incident reporting. Operations managers can divide sites into sectors with tailored checklists aligned with standard operating procedures. Clients receive detailed reports, including images, notes, and incident reports, on a schedule of their choice—daily, weekly, or monthly. Securecy enhances transparency and efficiency in our security operations.

To ensure reliability in case of Securecy software or hardware issues, WCG Security utilizes Verizon’s GPS fleet tracking software. This tool monitors car movements, providing evidence of patrols. Verizon goes beyond, helping us track patrol speed and driver behavior. The “Reveal Video” app on Android and iOS phones sends automatic AI-powered notifications to managers, delivering a brief 45-second video of events like over-speeding or harsh braking. These videos, categorized by severity, can be requested anytime. Verizon ensures proactive management of car insurance, timely services, and maintains a comprehensive operational record, tracking weekly costs. Moreover, it aids in monitoring our environmental impact by tracking fuel consumption, idling time, and abnormal driving behavior. Overall, Verizon enhances operational efficiency, safety, and environmental awareness for WCG Security.