It is impossible for owners and managers to always be able to lock-up their premises at the end of the day, week or any other relevant operational time period.

Whether you are a business owner, premise manager for a private or government organisation, a park ranger, school Principal or otherwise, no manager or owner can or should have to always be the one to lock up their premises. 

When you need a trustworthy and reliable team to be able to lock-up your property or assets to ensure the safety of your interests, WCG Security has an impeccable track record and the ideal team for the job.

We work with clients in the private and commercial sectors, the public sector (councils and state authorities, schools) and beyond to ensure premises are locked up at their designated time and to the requirement of our clients, be they at the end of working hours on weekdays or after special events or ad-hoc requirements on public holidays or weekends

We are proud to service shopping centres and retail precincts, stadiums and sports facilities, key businesses such as banks, residential buildings, car parks, schools and many other entity types.

We are able to maintain photographic records where required to give our clients added assurance and peace of mind. 

When you need the peace of mind that talented staff, diligence and an impeccable track record bring, WCG Security is the company of choice to ensure your lock-ups happen reliably and securely.